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I decided it was about time that I used my film icon, and so should post a few film reviews of films that I've seen recently (either for the first time or rewatched).

The Prestige

Okay, for starters, it stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, what can go wrong with this film? Nothing, as far as I'm concerned. However, I needn't have been, because it was a great film. (It also starred Michael Caine and Scarlett Johanson.)

It took me a little while to get into it, as there were a few flashbacks that annoyed me initially, but once you got used to them, they were fine.

The film revolves around two magicians: Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. For a reason that I shall not divulge, the pair start off as friends but end up as rivals in the world of magicians: Bale is the better inventor of 'tricks' but Jackman is the better showman. Their rivalry gets very serious and both of them go to any length to get one up on the other.

All through the film you are supporting one character, and then about 2/3 of the way through, there's a plot twist. And then another. And another. It's like the film itself is one long magic trick, creating an illusion and then pulling the wool back from your eyes to reveal the truth. Except what you think is the truth isn't actually, and there are about four more layers to go!

It certainly keeps you guessing, this film. The cinematography is very beautiful, and captures the atmosphere of the time perfectly. I saw it on the tv, but I would imagine that in a cinema it would be a lot better.

Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine are all very good in it. (So is Scarlett Johanson, but she has a smaller part, which is why I'm not mentioning her.)

I'd certainly recommend seeing it. It's a film with a difference - not your usual action/drama.

Moulin Rouge

Well, three words describe the reason for my love of this film:

Ewan Macgregor singing.

Need I say more? No, well I shall anyway.

I doubt anyone on my flist hasn't seen this film, but if you haven't, then I suggest you do, even if you think you don't like musicals. If you have seen it, then feel free to discuss it in the comments!

I first saw this film ages and ages ago and wasn't too convinced by it in the beginning. Once I got halfway through it, however, I was hooked. I think what put me off initially was the fact that it's like no other film that I've seen. It's almost like it can't make up it's mind whether it's serious or not!

Anyway, my abiding memory I took away from seeing it the first time was Jim Broadbent singing 'The Show Must Go On' whilst walking through the theatre. Firstly, because it's a very poignant song written by Freddie Mercury and done by Queen, and secondly because it's at a very poignant moment in the film.

I believe my viewing of Moulin Rouge last week was only the second time I'd seen it, and I enjoyed it much more this time round because I knew what to expect.

What strikes you about this film (other than Ewan Macgregor's amazing voice) is the cinematography. This film is just full of colour and imagery.

I'm a sucker for great cinematography, probably because I love looking at beautiful things.

Also, the choreography of all the dance sequences and lighting - everything about this film was beautifully made.

Richard Roxburgh is a great evil Duke (and also looks nothing like himself, which freaks me out slightly!), and Jim Broadbent is fantastic.

Nicole Kidman is beautiful as ever, and some of her scenes are so funny (I'm thinking particularly of the scene where she's pretending to orgasm whilst Ewan Macgregor is reciting poetry).

And now on to Ewan Macgregor. Well, obviously he's a great actor. That goes without saying. So he's great in this. But his singing just blows me away every time I hear him. Some of the songs he sings, especially the love medley on top of the elephant, are really difficult, and frankly how he pulled off that medley is beyond me!

This film is a definite must on anyone's list of films to see; if not for Ewan's singing, then just for the brilliance of the film as a whole.

PS: The chap who played Toulouse, the wee dwarf, played a doctor in ER - this second time round, it was driving me crazy who he was! Also, Audrey, who Ewan Macgregor replaces as the writer of 'Spectacular, Spectacular' is played by David 'Daisy' Wenham, of Faramir fame!

Down With Love

This is a romantic comedy starring Ewan Macgregor and Renee Zellweger. (If you're wondering why two of the three films have Ewan Macgregor in them, it's because I bought a 2 disc DVD set with Moulin Rouge and Down With Love in it. The supporting cast is David Hyde Pierce (from Fraiser) and Sarah Paulson (from Studio 60).

It is basically a 1960s film set in New York. I can totally see it as an onstage musical. It is described as a film filmed as the films in the 60s were filmed. (Okay, that makes no sense, but if you saw it, you'd understand. It looks as though it's a 60s film with 60s fashion etc.)

It is hilarious. Seriously! My mum and watched it and were laughing so hard. (I first saw it at the cinema, this was my second viewing.) It's a girls' film, by the way. My dad didn't think that much of it.

I'm not a fan of Renee Zellweger particularly, but she was good in this.

Ewan was, again, fantastic. That man can do no wrong!

The supporting cast were brilliant. This is a light-hearted film that does not take itself seriously at any point, from title to end credits (speaking of which, you need to watch them, because Ewan and Renee do a little number).

This film is pretty hard to describe, but if you want a laugh (and an ogle at Ewan ripping his shirt off!), then you need to see this film! Grab some chocolate and champagne and settle down to watch a 90s version of a 60s film.

And watch out for the plot twists, because there are some!

PS: The director was the same chap who directed Bring It On and The Break-Up but if you didn't like either of those, don't let that put you off! (I haven't seen The Break-Up, so I can't comment on that. And I thought Bring It On was funny - in fact I own it. I'm just saying, watch Down With Love anyway!)

So there you go. That filled some time, and I got to use my clapper board icon!
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