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Okay, has anyone else's Webmail Firefox add-on stopped working for Hotmail? Because for the last two days, it's not logging in to Hotmail. (And another reason why I don't like Hotmail!)
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So, it appears that we still have no internet at home. It's very annoying to say the least! Virgin Media are being total w*nkers - they charging a HUGE amount for the useless service that they provide, and apparently 'their system is down' at the moment. Probably due to the humungous amount of people calling up to complain!

Anyway, I shall have the house to myself this weekend, so I hope it's working tomorrow. *pout* Otherwise what shall I do? I won't be able to update LJ with my new icons (that I haven't made yet because I was tired last night and went to bed reasonably early) and about climbing. I won't be able to use my groovy new climbing icon! *wail*

However, lack of internet may mean that I'll do other stuff, like actually do some writing! *g*

In other news, my ears are still playing up a little. Yesterday the pain stopped in my right ear and immediately moved into my left. Then by the late afternoon, there was no pain.

Now, I can feel a twinge just starting in my right ear again. Grrr!

Catherine thought it might be wisdom teeth, but I'm more inclined to think it has something to do with the flying I did on Monday. However, it's obviously getting better, because the pain was less yesterday than it was the day before, and it's even less today (so far!).

I'd better go and check my bank account now. *sigh* I wish there was even a slight chance of there not being a "-" sign in front of the figure in my account, but there isn't.

FTP help!

Oct. 24th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Okay, I want to upload some files to my website, but it's been so long since I last did it that I can't remember how I did it! Also, I'm now using Firefox, so that's a slight hinderance. I have managed to access my file directory on the internet, but I haven't the foggiest on how to upload files to it!

Any ideas, guys?
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Yes, I finally got to see almost all of Season 3 Alias.

On Wednesday night, [livejournal.com profile] kyizi, my flatmate, and I went to see Secret Window [in which Johnny Depp is yummy as usual!], and then got home in time to watch ER [mmmm, Luka!], Fraiser, and the double bill of Season 1 Sex & the City. After that, I had an idea for fixing my computer. I tried it, and failed, but then when I looked at the Help, it mentioned something about the volume being too high. So as I was changing the volume controls, I realised that when I turned down the "line in" volume, the sound quality was getting better. Eventually, I muted it, and the sound was back to normal. If it hadn't been about 1 in the morning, I would have been running around singing. As it was, I was doing a little hyper dance quietly in bed.

And, since [livejournal.com profile] kyizi had given me Alias episodes 12-19 that evening, guess what I did? *g*

So, what follows are my random comments on those episodes.

Alias; Season 3 rant + spoilers )

I haven't actually really done anything else [I wrote that last night, whilst everything was still in my memory.] except watched a few more episodes of Stargate SG-1, since by the time I'd finished watching Alias, it was too late to attempt to do any work.

But, now I'm off to make a banner for the meeting between [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris, [livejournal.com profile] kyizi, and myself, and [livejournal.com profile] eretria and [livejournal.com profile] murron on Monday. Hurray, I can't wait!


Apr. 12th, 2004 05:44 pm
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Okay, so obviously I haven't seen Alias, (although I might be seeing it very soon, since [livejournal.com profile] kyizi and I will be getting it possibly tomorrow. (Although, will have to watch it with [livejournal.com profile] kyizi, since my computer's sound is now crap.

But having just read [livejournal.com profile] corngirl_jo's LJ entry, I don't think I want to watch it, at all! Seriously, I'm losing faith in Alias! And this is obviously not a good thing! I'm keeping my faith concerning certain characters, and I have in my own mind reasons for it all, but since [livejournal.com profile] corngirl_jo's reasons are generally the same as mine, and she's having trouble justifying people's actions, then I think I'm trouble! Argh!

Anyway, in other news, my laptop's still misbehaving. I'm hoping that miraculously it'll recover, because I couldn't get it insured when I bought it, since I was a skint student. The only insurance that came with it was because it was bought on a credit card, which just so happens to belong to my mother, so I don't have the receipt. So heaven knows how expensive it'll be to repair! Argh! And, yes, it should still be under warranty, since I bought it less than a year ago, but can I find the receipt? Of course not! It most likely with everything else computer-related - like my Windows XP CD and my Microsoft Office 2000 CD, which I can't find. I've obviously put them somewhere safe! Grr!

On top of all that, I have studying to do, and a report to finish that was due in before yesterday, but since computer went kaput for a while, it's not finished! Argh!

And now I'm not even looking forward to Alias! (Although I am looking forward to Crossings, for obvious reasons!)

Okay, moan over. Back to regular scheduling now! *g*
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Why, well, lat night I recorded Chapter One of my Harry Potter fic, Wood & Wild, onto my computer. Then this morning, I was planning on recording the title music from Chamber of Secrets to play over the beginning of my reading. All very cunning, right? Well, whilst experimenting a few days ago with recording stuff from tape onto computer, I discovered that I could plug in my stereo to my computer using the line-in with a cable that I've got to connect my portable CD player to a littl hi-fi. (You with me so far?)

Okay, so I thought that I'd try the same thing with my television, since it has a headphones output, and that would save me having to hold the microphone next to speaker. So, I plug it in, and my computer makes this horrible, buzzing noise, and Audicity refuses to work. So, I think, okay, maybe the computer just didn't start up right, so I restart it.

Or, at least, I try to. It freezes on me. And I mean completely. There's the light to show that there's power but nothing I do changes anything. I hold down the power key, nope, nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Delete = nothing. Eventually, I unplug it and take the battery out. Then I put the battery back in, and everything's hunky-dory (I can tell you, I breathed a sigh of relief at that, since *everything* is on that computer, and I don't have backups.) until Windows opens.

Now, my sound scheme is (or I should was) a Harry Potter one, and it should say "Welcome to Hogwarts" when it opens up. Well, it tried, but there was a huge amount of noise and the quality was crap. I only understood what it was saying because I knew what it was meant to sound like. I tried changing the output (because for some reason, it was set to headphones, instead of laptop speakers) but it made no difference. I tried playing music - nope, still the same noise and distortion. It was exactly the same when I put the headphones in.

So, on thinking about, I'm guessing that I overloaded the speaker system when I plugged it into the tv, although I don't really know how. I mean, assuming that it works exactly the same my stereo system, the volume wasn't that high.

And Audicity isn't working anymore. I press record and, instead of the line moving with respect to time, it just jitters in one spot.

So, I think, great, wonderful. This now means that until it's fixed (or God forbid, I get a new computer, which, seeing as mine is less than a year old, I don't really want to do, especially since I can't really afford it!) I can't watch any videos, listen to any music, and all my recording ideas have to be put on hold. (Unless, by some miracle, I get home and it's all sorted. That has happened in the past, although I have extremely had luck when it comes to sound cards.)

So, I'm wandering about the flat at a loose end, since I was going to finish my report today (I only have about 2 pages left to do), and I want to leave my computer alone for a while. And, despite the fact that it's Easter Sunday, there is *nothing* on the tv! (Although, I don't have a TV guide at the moment, but still.)

Eventually, I decided I had to get away from the flat for a while. So, that means coming to uni and getting Internet therapy. Of course, I haven't taken 5 steps outside when it starts raining! Oh joy!

The only good thing about the whole escapade is that the rest of the computer is working fine and I haven't lost anything. What's weird is that I was thinking last night when I'd gone to bed that I should save some stuff to CD, since my computer's been slowing down. :(

I don't actually have anything good to say at the moment, I'm severly depressed about my computer.

Although, I did get some great reviews for my fic! *g*

Bon jour!

Feb. 6th, 2004 12:21 pm
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] kyizi has got Johnny back, with another hard drive on him, which is now named Jeremy, after Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan. [livejournal.com profile] kyizi has joined me in the "lusting" after boys! *g*

Not much else has happened, except that I've signed up to go into the wilds of Scotland for Valentine's Day. I would like to say that it's going to be a romantic trip with my loving boyfriend, but sadly, no. It's the annual Astronomy trip, which is pretty cool, to be honest! *g*

Also, I've been looking at getting scholarships so I can go to New Zealand. It's flipping nightmare!
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Well, this is a hideously long post, so I'm cutting it for those of you who don't want to know what I get up to at 3 in the morning!

Early morning musings )


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