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Okay, so I'm reading this fic, or rather a trilogy, which has been out for ages. It's a Harry Potter trilogy, written by Barb, and can be found here. I read the first part ages ago, but I was terrified about how it ended and didn't even get the second and third parts for ages.

Anyway, I got them last week, and started reading the second part, Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions on Saturday night at about 11 o'clock. I couldn't stop reading it. I mean, seriously, I could physically stop. It was like an addiction. And not a good one when there are 21 chapters that are really long! I didn't get to sleep until 11 in the morning. Yes, that 12 hours, 12 HOURS reading. Or possibly more, since I may have started earlier.

I finally got to sleep and got up at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I actually wasn't that tired. I mean, I could have slept more, obviously, but I managed to cope once I was up. I decided to get up, otherwise my clock would be completely out of whack.

Anyway, last night, whilst recording Sleepy Hollow with the lovely Johnny Depp, I started on the third part of the trilogy. Argh! I'm starting to get annoyed with all the characters. And apparently none of the male characters can resist wanting to sleep with women/girls! Seriously, no-one I knew was that bad at 16/17. Maybe it's something to do with being magical. I realise that this now sounds as though I'm not enjoying the fic at all. Quite the contrary, I am, immensely, but I can see everything going disasterously wrong. It's a bit like watching a train wreck in slow-mo. Especially since I'm only on chapter 8 and there are 31 of them!

*sigh* Randomly, did you know that [livejournal.com profile] kyizi is actually saying "sigh" now when she's sighing?! I think that sabbatical from the Internet is going to do her a world of good!

[livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris has just given me Season 4 Stargate SG-1, a really good book called The Changeover (who's characters feature in an extremely good Harry Potter fic called Paradigm of Uncertainty [it and its sequels can be found here] which is actually mine, and also the new David and Leigh Eddings book that I mentioned before. How am I expected to get any work done at all?

Nothing else is happening, other than the fact that I'm currently hating Glaswegian weather, since it started off lovely and sunny, and then decided to rain, then went sunny again, then got windy and cold, and then *hailed*. I wouldn't be surprised to see snow soon! I'm esconced in the library at the moment, since we got chucked out of the Kelvin Building (where all physicists and especially astronomers like to live) because the security doors weren't locking, so I can't really tell what the weather's like at the mo, although I think the sun's out.

[livejournal.com profile] kyizi, my flatmate, and I are going to see Secret Window on Wednesday (back in time to watch ER, naturally). Having just found out that it's a Stephen King horror, I think I'm going to entertain them. I have a habit of jumping a lot, although at least I don't scream ear-piercingly like [livejournal.com profile] kyizi!

Okay, I'd better go now whilst the weather is reasonably good. I don't fancy walking home in wind and hail!
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Okay, in the Metro today:

"Has bug-eyed Hobbit Elijah Wood got an evil ring? The pixie-ish [They have a fondness for this word, it got used in conjunction with Orli and Billy as well!] pin-up has been frequenting New York strip-bar Scores, a regualr hang-out of hellraiser Colin Farrell. Wood arrived with his side-kick Hobbit partner Billy Boyd and the pair knocked back the booze with the near-naked dancers until 4:30am. What will Wood's smitten teenage followers think? Given that he was also spotted 'ferociously snogging' a mystery blonde [I'm seriously beginning to hate blondes. First Orli, now Elijah!] at a showbiz bash, it would seem that this Lord of the G-Strings is determined to shed his wouldn't-say-boo-to-an-orc image.

Personally, I say "Go Elijah!" Especially since he's the same age as me! I don't see anything wrong with it at all!

And, it was a 2-for-1 special today because there's also a bit about Johnny Depp:

"Eccentric actor Johnny Depp, whose turn in PotC has reignited his popularity, is again finding fans hard to deal with. The limelight-loathing star, who spends most of the year holed up in his French home, [I love the way they announce what country he 'holes' up in!] was horrified to find two lustlorn groupies hiding on the set of his latest film, The Libertine. Security threw them out but the pair sneaked back in and hid in the make-up room, much to Depp's fury - he claimed their presence was distracting him from plying the debauched 17th-century Earl of Rochester. "You can't have crazy women running around the set," sniffed a member of the crew."

So now I know what [livejournal.com profile] kyizi and [livejournal.com profile] ignited were up to earlier this week! :D

On a down note, the news about Elijah and Billy means that I won't be seeing Billy this weekend at Coldingham. I'm going home with my flatmate who lives in Coldingham, and Billy often goes surfing there, and now's the perfect time, but if he's living it up in New York, I'm guessing I won't see him!

Never mind!
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Well, I watched "The Ninth Gate" last night, and was very impressed. For a start, that's how I like my Johnny to look (although sometimes the moustache was a bit too much), but I was very shocked to see Lena and Johnny getting it on! When the scene started, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if..." and then it happened! My dream came true! :D

Shirtless Sark vid )

Well, I'm going to head home now, because I've got work to do, my room to tidy, a splash page to make for [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris and photos to fix, along with "The Secret Craft" to screencap. :)

New layout

Oct. 2nd, 2003 02:09 pm
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So, I managed to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and I have to say, Johnny Depp is looking better and better each time I see him! And, I managed to do a half decent layout, hence the lovely picture above! [livejournal.com profile] notasalmon was right, I do my best manipping early in the morning/very late at night. Of course, it meant that I didn't get enough sleep and had trouble in lectures today, but that's not the point!

And, it means that I haven't got any more report written, but hey, I'll blitz it tonight! And look at pretty pictures of Sark! Yumm!


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