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Okay, so this morning on the breakfast news, they showed clips of people who had queued for up to 36 hours to get their hands on 'Deathly Hallows'. This was in between clips of the flooded areas in England.

It suddenly struck me (mainly now because I hadn't really been thinking about it before) that this world is really very strange, and a lot of people have some very strange priorities!

Now, I fully admit that I will read 'Deathly Hallows' sooner rather than later, although that's mainly so that there's less chance of me getting spoilt than anything else. If I could leave it for a while without being spoilt, I would.

But there were people, kids and adults, fighting over a book. A book, for goodness' sake! Seriously, people! It's only a book! It's not the end of the world!

I know quite a few of you on my flist have been similarly apathetic towards Harry Potter, and I think it's quite refreshing. (Of course, once I get the book in my hands, I won't put it down until I've finished reading it, but that happens with a lot of books.)

I did have a longer, more intelligent post in my head a few hours ago, but it's late now and my brain's a little fried.

In other, sort of related news, the one good thing about the OotP film coming out and the book as well is that it's got my creative juices going again. I've been making new notes for 'Wood & Wild'.

Also, I've just rewatched 'The Craft' on Channel 4, and it didn't end the way I remember at all!
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So, I finally managed to get on my computer and shrink my animated icons! Yay!

Here they are, courtesy of this brilliant Webcomic:

I also managed to go through the chapters of Wood & Wild that have been returned to me by my betas. So hopefully Chapter 3 will be up on Sugar Quill and Chapter 7 will be up on Phoenix Song soon. Also, Chapter 3 on Phoenix Song will be changed, as I made a lot of changes to it.

As a result, I didn't have any time to make any more icons for [livejournal.com profile] eretria, although I did think about it! However, I will have time to do so tonight!

I also didn't get any more writing done of The Art of Being (the sequel to Wood & Wild) either (although, again, I did think about it!).
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Oh, [livejournal.com profile] eretria, I haven't made any more icons for you yet! Sorry!!

In fact, I was completely the opposite of industrious this last weekend! I did absolutely nothing!

I was intending on making some cool icons and writing some more of Wood & Wild, but nothing happened! I didn't even change the chapters that I've just received back from my betas! *slap slap* Bad girl! I'll see if I can summon together energy tonight. :)
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Okay, I've decided to get my butt into gear and post once a week a chapter of my Harry Potter fanfic, 'Wood & Wild', on my corresponding LJ: [livejournal.com profile] wood_and_wild. I'll post a notice on this LJ when I do it.

The first one should be going up today, so if you haven't read it before and are interested in Harry Potter fanfiction, then pop on over and take a look. If you have read it before, here's an easy chance to reread the first chapter and comment on it!

Here's the blurb on the fic:

It is set during Prisoner of Azkaban, and is the school year from the point of view of Oliver Wood and his friends in seventh year. It's their trials and tribulations of trying to win the Quidditch House Cup combined with passing their NEWTs and worrying about Sirius Black. Harry and co occasionally turn up; usually when Quidditch is being played/discussed!
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For those of you who are interested, I've created a 'Wood & Wild' Livejournal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/wood_and_wild

Nothing much is happening on it at the moment. Some of you may have noticed that I've friended you from it, if you were wondering who it was, well, it was me. *g*

On to other things.

My parents have bought the box set of Dr Who (Christopher Eccleston). It's the collector's edition, which is in a Tardis box, whic although pretty, is a bit of a waste of space, there's a lot of air in the box. They've also bought Firefly, because they loved it so much. (I'm feeling the love, too.)

I've finished watching Battlestar Galactica Season 1 (the new one, obviously) and OMG, the season finale is worse than Alias S2. Seriously, if you've seen it, then you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't but are intending to, make sure you have the beginning of Season 2 on hand because, believe me, you are going to want to go straight on.

Nothing much else has happened. I'm flying out to Boston tomorrow, so it'll be a while before I write again.

Ta ra.
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Okay, this is different photo help.

Some of you have read my Harry Potter "Wood & Wild" which, I might add, is finished, I just need to type it up. In which case, you know who Joe O'Keefe is. Well, I'm collecting photos of all the main characters in my fic (and the sequel, but you don't know who they are, but it doesn't matter!). I am having problem finding a Joe. So if any of you have any ideas, fling them my way please!
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Oh my God! All those Cassie Clare Draco Trilogy fans (and D/G fans) try and read her new DV15 cookie! I generally don't read cookies, but this one I couldn't resist. Eek! That's all I have to say.

Now I'm going searching for the perfect 20 year-old man with black hair and dark brown eyes and a serious expression for my Alex in Wood & Wild. May take a while! If there are any suggestions, please put them forward!
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Snerched from [livejournal.com profile] kyizi:

Writing Meme )

Am very tired now, so am going to bed. Managed to locate my house-elf (she'd hidden away under the kitchen table) and my bed is lovely and toasty now.


Jun. 11th, 2004 11:12 pm
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Gah, have just found out that I have an Astronomy oral interview with the external examiner on Monday afternoon. Bloody hell, as Ron would say! I'm definitely more of a Ron than a Hermione in this respect. Actually, probably more of a Draco or Harry, in that I'll probably be able to bluff my way through it!

Anyway, snerched from [livejournal.com profile] mental_midget:

movie meme )

Have nothing more to say at the moment, except that I've been terribly uninspired when it comes to Wood & Wild and have only managed to write a couple more paragraphs of Chapter 14. Argh!

Ta ra! I suppose I'd better go and reread my Astronomy projects, or possibly watch the new series of Malcolm in the Middle (woohoo!) and My Family and eat chocolate. (I love BBC sometimes!) Hmm, I wonder which will win over, seeing as it's 23:17! Definitely not a Hermione! *g*

Wood & Wild

May. 7th, 2004 03:54 pm
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As some of you may know, before my computer went wonky, I was reading aloud my Harry Potter fic, "Wood & Wild". Now, it's currently 13 chapters long, and when I read the first chapter, it took about 30 minutes, so you can imagine how long it'll take me to do the whole thing.

However, now my computer is working again, I managed to finish Chapter One. Since it's so long, it's 28Mb, so it won't actually go up anywhere! I intend to finish reading it, and putting it on a CD (or possibly 2!) to give to [livejournal.com profile] kyizi since she said it would help her with her insomnia! Thanks a lot! *g*

So, if anyone else wants a copy, let me know, and I'll endeavour to send you a CD once it's done (whenever that will be!). Heaven knows when I'll finish writing it, but possibly the 13 chapters written will fit on one disc, so you could have that.
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Well, according to Alias Media, the Alias season finale is currently scheduled for the 23rd of May. Just when my exams start - oh joy!

In other news, went to see Hidalgo yesterday, and yes, I cried. But not for the reason that I thought. It was one of those films that you can't help crying at (although my flatmate didn't, but she doesn't tend to cry at films). Seeing as I cry when I watch horse races, then I was bound to whilst watching a film about a horse race!

Although, [livejournal.com profile] kyizi completely ruined my crying buzz, because she was bouncing up and down in her seat at the end of the race, whilst I was wanting to cry with the emotion of it. It's a little hard to cry when the person sitting next to you is bouncing and clapping her hands like a 5-year-old (yes, that's how [livejournal.com profile] kyizi acts when watching a film, and don't deny it!). Still, I got my crying at the end.

It made me in the mood to watch Due South, and although Season 2 has been dispatched, it's not arrived yet! *wail* I want it! Watched Season 3 Stargate instead, and *wail* for Martouf. I love him!

Also spent about 2 and half hours sorting out the Astrosoc bank account today with the help of [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris. Still have to do the cashbox accounts. Eek! They're going to be the trouble.

I also haven't actually started Wood & Wild Chapter 14, but I have been thinking about it, so I know what's going to be in it, which is more than can be said of about 3 days ago!

I'd better go and get some studying done now, since I haven't done any today, instead sorting out accounts. Grr!
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Okay, first of all, for those of you that might be interested, I'm hoping to start Chapter 14 of Wood & Wild tonight, fingers crossed. It's another complicated chapter to write, so I don't know how long it will take me, though.

And now, as you will know if you read yesterday's entry, I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yesterday. Here's my spoilery-ish review )

Well, I watched the beginning of Stargate SG-1 Season 3 last night. Managed the first 3 episodes before falling asleep.

I think [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris, who's sitting beside me, is about to post a meme, so I might attach one to the end of this post, because I'm bored, and don't want to do any work! Okay, she's not, but here it is anyway:

Alphabet meme )
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Why, well, lat night I recorded Chapter One of my Harry Potter fic, Wood & Wild, onto my computer. Then this morning, I was planning on recording the title music from Chamber of Secrets to play over the beginning of my reading. All very cunning, right? Well, whilst experimenting a few days ago with recording stuff from tape onto computer, I discovered that I could plug in my stereo to my computer using the line-in with a cable that I've got to connect my portable CD player to a littl hi-fi. (You with me so far?)

Okay, so I thought that I'd try the same thing with my television, since it has a headphones output, and that would save me having to hold the microphone next to speaker. So, I plug it in, and my computer makes this horrible, buzzing noise, and Audicity refuses to work. So, I think, okay, maybe the computer just didn't start up right, so I restart it.

Or, at least, I try to. It freezes on me. And I mean completely. There's the light to show that there's power but nothing I do changes anything. I hold down the power key, nope, nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Delete = nothing. Eventually, I unplug it and take the battery out. Then I put the battery back in, and everything's hunky-dory (I can tell you, I breathed a sigh of relief at that, since *everything* is on that computer, and I don't have backups.) until Windows opens.

Now, my sound scheme is (or I should was) a Harry Potter one, and it should say "Welcome to Hogwarts" when it opens up. Well, it tried, but there was a huge amount of noise and the quality was crap. I only understood what it was saying because I knew what it was meant to sound like. I tried changing the output (because for some reason, it was set to headphones, instead of laptop speakers) but it made no difference. I tried playing music - nope, still the same noise and distortion. It was exactly the same when I put the headphones in.

So, on thinking about, I'm guessing that I overloaded the speaker system when I plugged it into the tv, although I don't really know how. I mean, assuming that it works exactly the same my stereo system, the volume wasn't that high.

And Audicity isn't working anymore. I press record and, instead of the line moving with respect to time, it just jitters in one spot.

So, I think, great, wonderful. This now means that until it's fixed (or God forbid, I get a new computer, which, seeing as mine is less than a year old, I don't really want to do, especially since I can't really afford it!) I can't watch any videos, listen to any music, and all my recording ideas have to be put on hold. (Unless, by some miracle, I get home and it's all sorted. That has happened in the past, although I have extremely had luck when it comes to sound cards.)

So, I'm wandering about the flat at a loose end, since I was going to finish my report today (I only have about 2 pages left to do), and I want to leave my computer alone for a while. And, despite the fact that it's Easter Sunday, there is *nothing* on the tv! (Although, I don't have a TV guide at the moment, but still.)

Eventually, I decided I had to get away from the flat for a while. So, that means coming to uni and getting Internet therapy. Of course, I haven't taken 5 steps outside when it starts raining! Oh joy!

The only good thing about the whole escapade is that the rest of the computer is working fine and I haven't lost anything. What's weird is that I was thinking last night when I'd gone to bed that I should save some stuff to CD, since my computer's been slowing down. :(

I don't actually have anything good to say at the moment, I'm severly depressed about my computer.

Although, I did get some great reviews for my fic! *g*
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Okay, I've re-recorded Ribbit, and it sounds unbelievably better now, so I've updated the link accordingly. Don't worry, the previous links should still work, since I simply replaced the file. Also, I was thinking, if people were interested, and hadn't run away screaming at the sound of my voice, of possibly reading aloud the whole Bad Wigs series, with [livejournal.com profile] auburnnothenna's permission, of course. :)

Also, I've updated my fic, Wood & Wild at my Yahoo!Group, and also on Schnoogle and Fanfiction.net, for those of you who are interested!

And, now I'm going home to blitz Stargate-SG1, because [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris has lent me the film and the first season of the series. [livejournal.com profile] kyizi and I were watching Season 6 a couple of days ago, and I had a sudden urge to go and watch the film (I've seen it before) and then I wanted to watch the series from the beginning, since I have only seen random episodes. So yay! Although I won't get any work done!

Also, I've discovered that I can record from tape to my computer, no problem. Which is fantastic because it means that my old copy of The Hobbit, read by Nicol Williamson, I can put on CD and then not have to worry about the tapes finally dying. Hurray!

Right, I'm going now, to play with the new Harry Potter trailer that [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris gave me, and photos I've been downloading, and then to watch Stargate! Huzzah! *g*

(That's if I can stay awake long enough - I didn't get my full 8 hours sleep last night. Although in a way, this is a good thing, as it means that I will possibly get back into normal people's routine, as opposed to a vampire's!)


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