Jun. 7th, 2007 10:54 pm
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Okay, I realise I've been a bit remiss about posting, but I've just started my new job and every night when I get back, I'm shattered. All I have time for is to snag anything Lee Mead-related from the wonderful comm, [ profile] lee_mead and then go to bed! However, tomorrow is one of my days off, so I'll do some proper updates then!

Now I'm off to watch Graham Norton. :)

Oh, and everyone, don't forget to vote for Lee on Any Dream Will Do on Saturday! *g*


Apr. 14th, 2007 01:48 pm
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Yay, it's warm!

I'm just back from climbing with [ profile] loriel_eris, which was awesome. She really improved over the last couple of weeks - she's got the idea of how to go about it now, and now that's it working, she's got the enthusiasm to go with it. She even did an overhang today!

I succeeded on my first 5+ route, which was also an overhang, so I'm really chuffed! My climbing's improving pretty fast as well. Of course, I know I'm going to plateau soon - that's the problem with being short!

Anyway, I am now sitting out in the garden (having trouble seeing the laptop screen, but I'm not going inside!) in the sun, wearing shorts and strappy t-shirt, exposing my poor paley-wally skin to some rays! I was looked at photos of me on my birthday (end of October) and I was so brown then! You don't realise how pale you are until the sun comes out - in grey cloudy weather everyone looks like they have a tan!

The Grand National is on today - I'm looking forward to seeing that and bawling over it (I get very emotional over horse races, especially the Grand National!).

I got paid today! Yay! Not a huge amount of money, but it's making my overdraft smaller, and I'll be getting more next week! Hurrah!

My PC video games that I ordered on Wednesday night arrived yesterday. I bought ER for about £5 inc p&p and CSI Miami for about £5 inc p&p. I was very happy to see them waiting for me yesterday!

Anyway, I'm going to snooze in the sun now, before it disappears behind a house. (That's the trouble with living in an estate - no long term sun exposure.)
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Okay, so I had an interview with a recruitment agency today which went well. The woman in there said that there's a job up at Cally University that's on a week by week basis which involves doing something with a website (she was a little vague). It starts on Monday. I'm waiting to hear back from her; she had to check the wages and also my references. Here's hoping I'll be working next week!

I ache ...

Mar. 12th, 2007 03:13 pm
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Yes, pretty much my whole upper body aches! Especially my forearms, which I suppose serves me right for attempting that crack (this is not dirty talk, I'm referring to a crack in the climbing wall). I belatedly discovered that it's grade was a lot higher than my capabilities, which explained why I found it so difficult. Swinging from one arm by your fingertips when you haven't done anything like that for years does tend to abuse your body, and I'm suffering for it now.

My forearms are killing me, and my upper back and shoulders could be aching less as well. Grr! What I need is a massage from Jensen Ackles. *g*

In other news:

Well, not much has been happening. I got back in touch with a friend from school which was interesting. I'm still applying to jobs, one of which is down in St Albans, England. Last week I wouldn't have minded going down there, but the way I feel at the moment, I want to stay up here. I suppose the idea of going climbing weekly (which I used to do at school) with friends appeals to me a lot, and obviously I wouldn't be able to do that down south (well, I'd have to find new friends, but you know, I'm sick of having to do that. I've had to make new friends on a regular basis my whole life (thanks to the travelling round the world, which I would not take away for anything, by the way), and sometimes it's nice to stay in one place and have the same friends who you have a little bit of history with!).

That's it. I've rearranged my music on my mp3 player, and discovered that I hadn't updated Windows Media Player for a reason: Media Player 10 is horrible when you're trying to get music onto an mp3 player! I used to be able to drag and drop using Windows, but now it's too clever for it's own good and recognises that my mp3 player is, in fact, an mp3 player, and won't let me do it anymore. Grr! Also, for some unknown reason that I can't find out because to do so requires me logging onto the internet, which I can't do on my computer, some songs (including Kane's, which really rankles me) won't transfer now. They were on there before!! Argh! Technology: sometimes it's over-rated. Grr!

Right, that's my rants over. :)


Feb. 15th, 2007 04:05 pm
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Well, I've just returned from the Job Centre. It was pouring rain and windy, so I'm now cold and wet.

I managed to find a job working at a local Equestrian Centre that's about 8 miles down the road and next to a train station (although it would mean catching a train into Glasgow to catch one out again, but still! If I had a car it'd be a piece of cake.). I left a message because the person in charge wasn't there. It's a permanent job and isn't exactly rocket science. The hours listed are: 15-40 per week between 5 days over 7, 9am-9pm (average over a week). I'd be very surprised if you ever worked only 15 hours! I've worked at a stables before, and then only at the weekend and I worked more than 15 hours in those two days! It meets National Minimum Wage requirements. Heck, I wouldn't mind it if it was fun. I enjoy working with horses, and I know it's hard work but still. Apparently this yard has 40 acres of land with it as well! Yay! It sounds pretty good. Even if I don't get work there, then once I do find a job I might go riding there anyway! *g*


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