Feb. 25th, 2004 04:16 pm
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Bah! I'm seriously bored. And technically, I shouldn't be, since I'm on the Internet and therefore could be browsing whatever I want to. But that involves actually thinking, and I don't want to have to think!

I've been investigating other courses at other unis and can't find anything that remotely interests me. That's the trouble with me, once I find something I decide I like, I stick to it like glue and leave myself no option! Probably not the best plan in the world when I'm wanting to travel to the other end of the world and if I can't get the money etc I'm stuffed!

Still, sitting here trying not think about it better than going home to the *huge* pile of ironing that is waiting for me! I really don't want to think about that! Plus, ER's on tonight, and then Frasier, and then Sex in the City, which was Friday's episode, but I never got to watch that one on Friday, because I was out galivanting. I think I missed the episode before as well.

Ooh, ooh, good news though! My DVDs came in on Monday. So I'm now the proud owner of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Special Edition), X-Men 2 (Special Edition), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Special Edition), Flipper, and Ned Kelly.

Say it with me: Stuart Townsend = grrr
Hugh Jackman = grrr
Alan Rickman = grrr
Elijah Wood = grrr (and wet as well!)
Orlando Bloom = grrr (even with face fuzz!)

And no, they're not the *entire* reason I bought the DVDs. I've actually seen all the films before and loved them. (Although LXG could've been better.)

About the only films I've bought without seeing them because of who's in them are: The Perfect Murder (Viggo Mortensen), Heavenly Creatures (Peter Jackson directed), and more recently, The Secret Craft (David Anders). I figured that they were reason enough to buy them! Although only The Secret Craft did I actually buy new on DVD. The others were cheap, second-hand videos. Of course, the only way I could get The Secret Craft (which is so bad that no-one has ever heard of it!) was to order it, and I figured if I was going to order it, I might as well get it on DVD and then at least I could take screencaps of the lovely David. Which reminds me, I promised I was going to do that, and haven't yet. [ profile] kyizi has taken some, which she's given to me, so I suppose I could put them up for your perusal!

I'd better head on up to the library now and try and find some books on Fluid Dynamics. Trust me when I say that sounds infinitely more exciting than it is!
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Right, as I'm sure you're well aware, I intend on applying to do a PhD in New Zealand next. Now the chappy I've been emailing, who's the Head of the Department over there, has been very helpful and told me what I need to read up on etc, including a journal that he and a PhD student of his wrote.

Can I bloody get hold of the stupid arse thing? Can I hell! Sure, I can find it easy enough, but I need to be registered as someone to download it. My university library is meant to be incredibly helpful when it comes to downloading e-journals for free, but can it find *anything* remotely to do with the topic I'm investigating? Of course not! It can find loads on the topic I did in my *second* year, but *nothing* for my PhD research!

I'm getting seriously hacked off about it, because everywhere I look on the Internet leads back to the place where I started, where I need a password!

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First of all, Happy Birthday to Orlando Bloom (and also a good friend of mine, Roisin).

Secondly, I've just read bits that were written about the last episode of Alias, and OMG, I nearly fell off my chair! I'm so behind the times!

I watched some videos from episode 10. I totally agree with Sark's reaction to the person he was talking/torturing. (I'm being vague because I don't have enough to say to warrant a cut, but don't want to spoil things for [ profile] loriel_eris and [ profile] kyizi.)

Thirdly, I don't actually have much to say, apart from I did the "Which Hobbit are You?" quiz twice and got Orlando once and Billy once, which seems about right, since from what I've gathered, I'm kind of a mixture of both.

Oh, and I'm enquiring into doing a PhD in New Zealand! Woohoo! I've been ogling photos of the place and would beg, borrow, steal, have sex to get over there!
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It's only the beginning of December, I don't want to think about what I'm going to be doing in two years' time! Argh! I think I want to do a PhD, but I don't know. *mope* And I also don't know where! There's a University in Middle-Earth, *ahem*, sorry, New Zealand, that looks like it does what I'm interested in, but there's added problems with getting over there and paying for it etc. Argh!!!

Also, on another, much more childish note, I want the LotR mood set that everyone's using, and I can't get it because I'm not a paid LJ member. (Yes, I know the easy answer to this is to become one, but I'm skint and don't want to!) Wah! Life isn't fair!

Okay, childish moment over, I'm fine now. Phew. I think I might go home and watch tv and eat chocolate and contemplate my future.


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