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It's been updated recently (as in, two days ago) and there are messages from both David and his brother Jason. I have to say, that reading Jason's I nearly cried (in the best possible way, though) - I just got a case of big sister-itis (and, yes, all of you who know me also know I'm not a big sister, but I do big sister stuff for my friend Alessandra, who I've known since I was 10 so there!). Awww! Is all I can say to the messages. *g*
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Yes, I've been busy. Almost all of the caps that I took of David Anders in The Secret Craft/Source/Surge are up. Some are missing because they wouldn't fit on my USB drive, and I didn't want to delete stuff off it so that they would, so they'll be going up later.

I know there are lots there, but that's them culled down! I just couldn't delete any more!

Anyway, they can be found here. If you view them from the oldest first, then I think with some of them, you can almost watch part of the scenes!

Have fun! *g*


Apr. 9th, 2004 01:50 pm
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Okay, am currently a little annoyed, since the computer has decided to mess with my Radiohead CD and keeps skipping. Grr! Especially since I'm a total Radiohead mood, and I want to listen to the bloody songs! Argh!

You know, I managed to watch the new Prisoner of Azkaban trailer, and, although it looks great, the more of the trailers I see, the less I look forward to the film. It's my favourite book, and I can see myself getting seriously annoyed about the film. Also, although I like David Thewlis, he is most definitely *not* Remus Lupin, by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously, I'm still going to see it, but I don't know. We'll see. And, I love Daniel Radcliffe, but he wasn't as convincing as Harry in that trailer as the ones before. Tom Felton and Rupert Grint were good, but even Emma Watson was a little wrong, I thought. I don't know, maybe it's because they're too old, or something. *shrugs* Am going to get off my HP rant now. (Although am seriously considering capping the trailer!)

Speaking of capping, I capped all of David Anders' scenes in The Source/Surge/Secret Craft and will be putting them up somewhere, if anyone's interested. There are just over 300 of them, though. (Okay, I went a little crazy - I just kept pressing that button every time he appeared on the screen!) I think I'll cull them down a little first! *g*

In the hope of avoiding work, I did the following: D&D Character )
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Okay, so it was my birthday on Monday, and I turned the ripe old age of 22 (yes, I'm now the same age as David, it hasn't escpaed my notice!). Funny thing is, I don't actually feel any older!

Anyway, I went out on Thursday night with my flatmate, and had an absolute blast. Didn't pull anyone, but since my flatmate is considerably not single, I wasn't really planning on pulling and leaving her all on her own.

Then, I went out on Friday night as well, which was pretty good. Didn't pull then either. :(

Monday was a full day at uni, so it wasn't that exciting, but I did go to the cinema to see Bad Boys 2, which was much better than I thought it was going to be, and OMG, Will Smith was so hot in it!

Then, Tuesday, I got a little note through the door telling me that my DVDs had arrived! I started dancing right there and then! I dashed out the door to go to the post office to pick them up and was nearly late for my first lecture, but I didn't care, since I am now the proud possessor of The Secret Craft, with David Anders (or rather David Holt, as that's how he's credited) goodness! I managed to sort out the problem with my DVD player, too. When I turned it on, the tv screen flickered all the time, but I discovered that it's the scart socket of the tv that's to blame, since when I plugged the player into my other tv, it worked fine.

So, I ended up watching David whilst in bed. I can't think of a better place! :D It's a really bizarre film, but definitely worth it for the David-ness, although he's not in it a huge amount. And he's got the hair, and the arms! Guh! He's always wearing a wife-beater, which normally I'd be dead against, but it's David. He'd look good in a sack! I'll try and screencap some tonight - I know there's some on his website, but I'll try and get some more.

And, not only did I get David in a box, but I got Indiana Jones, the 4 disk set too! I'm over the moon! :D


Sep. 19th, 2003 03:23 pm
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Yay, I have a LiveJournal where I can put my ramblings. Currently, they're going to involve a lot of Sark and the delicious David Anders. The wonderful Kath has allowed me to get my own account, and of course, introduced me to the wonder that is Sark! And Sarkney fic! I have to say that knowing the archivist of Surrender comes in pretty handy!

Right, I'm off to look at pretty pictures!


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