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Okay, these are my random thoughts on Season 3 episodes 3x11 The Eye of Jupiter to 3x14 The Woman King:

Battlestar Galactica ramblings (spoilers) )

Jericho 1x10 & 1x11 )

I have watched a few other shows, but those are the two that stick in my mind. I've watched a few Supernatural episodes, but I'm saving them for the end! *g*
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So, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kyizi, I managed to see Casino Royale at the cinema on Saturday afternoon. It was really good, although I was expecting that, from all I'd heard about it.

Daniel Craig was awesome, in more ways than one. *g* Also, the locations: wow!

That's all I have to say on it.

I'm actually in BSG mode, because I've started writing a BSG fic, which has been betaed by [livejournal.com profile] kyizi to get rid of the Mary-Sue-ishness (because I have an original character (actually, I have lots of OCs, but that's not the point!) who happens to be a girl!) and to set the scene properly, by encouraging me to write in a way that I don't normally.

That's why I miss [livejournal.com profile] kyizi so much. She encourages me to write better, and I would hope that I do the same to her. Of course, we didn't end up writing our joint fic, but she did get some more of her SG-1 fic for [livejournal.com profile] loriel_eris, so our time was productive! *g*
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Grr. Argh. Somehow I'm starting a Battlestar Galactica fic. I put the blame squarely on the amazing episode Unfinished Business (unfortunately I've been vaguely spoiled for a few of the later episodes thanks to my research into BSG stuff that I needed for the fic - what does 'CAP' mean, by the way? I keep seeing in fics and I have no idea what it means.) and then all the BSG fanfic that [livejournal.com profile] kyizi gave me. *sigh*

For any of you who are interested, did you know that there's a Battlestar Wikipedia? It's awesome, and deserves to be checked out, but watch out for spoilers. There are warnings, but it's very easy to just read right on past them. *g*

[ETA: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hanasian, I now know what 'CAP' means. It means 'Combat Air Patrol' and:

CAP typically consists of two Vipers flying a designated pattern in and around the Fleet in order to provide an immediate spaceborne response to incoming threats. CAP flights may sometimes be accompanied by a Raptor, particularly if trouble is anticipated.

It is possible that more than one CAP may be flown at a time, with Vipers positioned at different distances from the Fleet, and occupying different "orbits" around the fleet.

CAP flights are generally backed-up by the Alert Fighters on Galactica.

so now you know as well. *g*]
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Sorry, but I need to get this off my chest, and I'm a little behind everyone else but:

I LOVE Jericho. It's such an awesome show (despite it's minor slip-ups: if there was nuclear fallout, how come they're not worried about drinking the water; and how does a Rolex watch (all of which as far as I know are self-winding and thus have no electronics in them) stop due to an EMP?). I like the fact that the premise is totally different from anything else that I've seen.

Also, Skeet Ulrich is hot!!!! *g*

I'm getting seriously addicted to this show! I want more!!! *g*

Hmm, I think I need a Jericho icon. *g*


I'm back into Battlestar Galactica, thanks to episode 9 of season 3 (Unfinished Business - the title says it all *g*). Hurrah! Loved that episode, and I can't wait for more (although, knowing BSG, I'll be kept waiting!)

I think I'm going hunting for Jericho screencaps now. *g*
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For those of you who are interested, I've created a 'Wood & Wild' Livejournal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/wood_and_wild

Nothing much is happening on it at the moment. Some of you may have noticed that I've friended you from it, if you were wondering who it was, well, it was me. *g*

On to other things.

My parents have bought the box set of Dr Who (Christopher Eccleston). It's the collector's edition, which is in a Tardis box, whic although pretty, is a bit of a waste of space, there's a lot of air in the box. They've also bought Firefly, because they loved it so much. (I'm feeling the love, too.)

I've finished watching Battlestar Galactica Season 1 (the new one, obviously) and OMG, the season finale is worse than Alias S2. Seriously, if you've seen it, then you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't but are intending to, make sure you have the beginning of Season 2 on hand because, believe me, you are going to want to go straight on.

Nothing much else has happened. I'm flying out to Boston tomorrow, so it'll be a while before I write again.

Ta ra.


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